Kulturaz cooperative 

We are a popular cooperative for promoting culture as a whole.
We cultivate cultural visibility, creativity and transmission.

We handle Sanagustin Cultural Center, Soreasu Theatre and Dinamoa Creative Center.

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Dynamic, participatory, broad, the square of local groups, makers and new creators.

An integral cultivation of culture.

Social nature that seeks to open a different model through culture.


The balance between autonomy and co-operation is irregular.

By developing the cultural power through the co-operation of our own economic power and of the different operating societies.

From Azpeiti and the region, looking at the Basque Country.

It aims to promote the Basque culture, which is made and produced in Basque.


The local cultural groups, individuals, co-operative staff and auxiliary organizations form the cultural cooperative.

In addition to developing cultural activities, the cooperative offers a variety of hosting services, technical services, visual, economic advisory...


The course of the articulate cultural community in Azpeitia is deeper in this connection.

Download here the document that collects the main hooks of the cult project.

A cooperation agreement was signed in 2021 with the municipality of Azpeitia.

The Kultiba Foundation launched a social, economic and cultural impact study in 2021.